Tai Chi Ruler Care

Each Tai Chi Ruler has been meticulously prepared and should provide years of use with regular care and treatment. Every Ruler has been triple finished with a hand applied wood oil that will keep it protected and stable.

Just follow these simple steps below to ensure maximum life for your instrument.

  • After each use or session be sure to wipe ruler with a clean, dry clothe. This will remove any unwanted moisture and oils which may harm the finish.
  • At least once a month apply a light coat of Lemon Oil to the ruler with a soft, lint free clothe. This will replenish the protective qualities of the finish.
  • Do not leave or store the Ruler in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, as this will cause the finish to deteriorate prematurely.
  • Keep the Ruler wrapped or stored in a soft clothe to avoid nicks and dents when not in use. Especially during transit.