Daily Tai Chi Ruler Exercises

There are several health benefits to doing daily exercises using the Tai Chi Ruler, and these can be easily accessible by practicing the following principles

  • The body is in a state of complete relaxation.
  • All movements are circular and spiraling.
  • All movement is controlled by the turning of the waist.
  • The spine is held straight and erect.
  • The eyes are constantly focused on the ruler.
  • Breathing is coordinated with all movements.
  • Breathing occurs at a rate of two breaths per minute.

The daily practice of the Tai Chi Ruler exercises promote  health and strength. Like Tai Chi-Chuan the Tai Chi Ruler develops balance, harmony and integration in all human processes. Tai Chi Ruler exercises accomplish this by working through the central nervous system and thereby effectively exercising the entire physiology, not just a few muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. Some of the immediate benefits are improved posture, circulation, metabolism, neuromuscular functioning, and the strengthening of the immune system.